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Hi, I’m Heidi.  On this site I talk about my love of running, adventure and travel, and using those passions to raise awareness and funds for the different charities I support.

In my job as a pro bono lawyer, I am confronted with stories of people who are forced to work against their will, through the use of violence or intimidation. They are slaves, and its estimated there are over 40 million people enslaved in society today.

40 million people is a huge number. It can make you question what one person can do to affect change. Over the years I’ve realised that one person can do a lot. There are so many amazing individuals who have started a movement, inspired others, changed the life of someone else. And so I know that I can do something to make a difference. We all can.

This October I will cycle 250kms across Cambodia with a team of 13 from Wotton + Kearney to raise awareness about modern slavery and I will raise funds for a charity that is doing incredible work freeing people from slavery and holding the perpetrators to account – IJM Australia.


To read more about my fundraising efforts, have a look here: What am I doing now?

And if you would like to make a donation to IJM Australia please do so here:  https://give.everydayhero.com/au/heidi-21

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